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“The blood will win!”

The CPHL Radio Network kicks off our season with this chilling classic.

The radio adaptation of Dracula follows the story of Dr. Arthur Seward, Prof. Van Helsing, and Johnathan and Mina Harker on their hunt for the infamous vampire. Staying true to Bram Stoker’s original text, the radio play is told through journal entries, newspaper clippings, and various letters. As the perspective gets passed around, the deceptive Dracula continues to lurk in the background, claiming victim after victim.  

The CPHL Radio Network is a new community theatre company devoted to presenting classic radio dramas in new and exciting ways. Our goal is to transport you back to a time before televisions, when families would crowd around their radio for an evening of mystery, comedy, or adventure. This unique production allows you as the audience member an exclusive peek inside the radio studio to see how everything from sound effects to multiple character voices are done.