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Please complete this questionnaire and The Pollock Center ticketing staff will use it to create your online ticket sale.

Please email two images for your event to your contact person at The Pollock Center:  1.)  One high resolution image measuring 1920×875 pixels containing the show graphic, show name, show dates and times, your organization name, and any information necessary to comply with license agreements you may have.  2.)  One high resolution graphic measuring 300×300 pixels containing only the show graphic.

    Is this show reserved seating or general admission?*
    Reserved Seating-Tickets are for specific seats selected by the patron at the time of sale.General admission-Tickets are for admission to the theater only. Seats are selected on show day on first come first serve basis.

    Are you adding an advertisement to your print at home tickets?*
    Yes. I will email a graphic to be used within 5 business days.No.