January 11th-13th, 2019



We are seeking to cast the following:

Alice– Female. Our young heroine. Curious, not overly cautious and in love with the idea of an adventure, we follow her adventures from the seemingly boring real world, into the rabbit hole and throughout Wonderland.  Featured songs” How D’ye Do”, “Unbirthday”, “Painting the Roses” “Simon says” and solo lines throughout.  Rarely if ever leaves the stage.

Caterpillar– any gender.  Guides Alice to be true to herself on her journey  Featured Songs: “Zip a dee doo dah”

Cheshire Cats­­­– any gender. These cats act as narrators and guides for the audience during this story. Part is written for our purposes to be played by 3 different actors.  *** THESE ROLES ARE NON-SINGING but MAY SING AS PART OF THE ENSEMBLE

Dodo Bird– Either gender- Captain of the Queen’s Navy, leads the Caucus Race.  Needs impressive speaking voice and must sing.  Featured Songs “Ocean of Tears”,”Caucus Race”

Flowers– 5 Females- Haughty, snobby ladies of the garden (Rose, Lily, Petunia, Daisy, Violet) – Featured Singing “The Golden Afternoon”

Mad Hatter– any gender. Strange, amusing, larger than life, the Hatter relishes in the nonsensical fun of wonderland.  Featured Songs” Unbirthday Song “(parts 1, 2 and reprise) “Whoo are you”

March Hare– any gender.  Silly sidekick to the Mad Hatter, the March Hare enjoys game playing and the madness of the tea party.  Featured Songs “The Unbirthday Song “(Part 2)

Queen of Hearts– Female- As ruler of Wonderland, The Queen is loud, overbearing, very expressive and quick to temper.

Small Alice– Female.  The miniaturized version of our heroine.  Featured Songs- “Caucus Race” “Zip a dee doo dah”

Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum– any gender. Silly, sassy over the top with energy, these are the adorable twins with an identity crisis.  Must be able to work effectively with their scene partner to create the comic moments together.   Featured Songs “How Do Ye Do and Shake Hands” “Whooo are you”

White Rabbit– Male- our fussy fuzzy nervous rabbit constantly worried about being late.  Featured Songs “I’m Late” “Whoo are you”

Additional characters with solo singing lines

  • Ace of Spades, Four of hearts, Three of Diamonds, Two of Clubs ( any gender for these roles)

Additional characters with speaking lines, but no featured solos

  • Tall Alice, Matilda either of whom can be played by females
  • King of Hearts to be played by a male
  • Doorknob- either gender

Various ensemble roles include:

-Park Children, Sea Creatures for the Caucus Race, Party Guests, Royal Cards, Garden Flowers.

Please choose one of the audition parts below.  All students must audition if they wish to be in the production.

Each link downloads a compressed folder containing the rehearsal tracks with vocals, the accompaniment tracks without vocals, and the sheet music.  If your student has issues with the provided vocal materials that is ok, we will test their range when they audition.


What to expect

All students will be taught the same dance they will use for auditions at 3:30 in the dance studio.

After the dance auditions students will go to a vocal audition in the green room.  Students will be called in to audition in front of the full production team  based on the time slot they were scheduled for.

Any students being considered for a lead role will be asked to return for callbacks at 3:30pm on the 24th.  This will be a group audition with several students reading parts together.

The final cast list will be posted on Friday the 26th at 7pm.

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