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January 11th-13th, 2019

Auditions are today starting at 3:30pm in The Pollock Center.  There are two portions of the audition, dance and individual. Every participant must complete both portions to be in the show.


Dance Auditions

All dance auditions will begin as a large group at 3:30pm in the Pollock Center dance studio.  Students will all learn the same dance for the audition. This will end around 4:30pm. Once the dance audition is complete, students who scheduled their individual audition for later in the evening are encouraged to go home, eat dinner, complete homework, review audition materials, etc and then return at their designated audition time.  


Individual Auditions

If you have not chosen an individual audition timeslot for your student, please do so here: https://pollockcenter.wpengine.com/audition-times/?sheet_id=1.


Individual auditions will be held in The Pollock Center green room.

Students will wait in the lobby or backstage hallway until they are called to the green room.  After their individual audition, students will exit the green room directly to the parking lot and can be picked up in front of the Pollock Center.  Students who walk or bike will need to submit a signed note from a parent or guardian to Mr. Naran giving them permission to do so.

Callbacks will be October 24th at 3:30pm-6pm and will be held in the Sutliff Auditorium. Parents of students returning for callbacks will be notified. Please note not everyone will return for callbacks. Callbacks give the production team a more indepth look at those students under consideration for a lead role.  Callbacks do not guarantee a lead role.

If you have any questions about sign-ups or the audition process, please don’t hesitate to let us know.

    Please choose one of the audition parts below.  All students must audition if they wish to be in the production.

    Each link downloads a compressed folder containing the rehearsal tracks with vocals, the accompaniment tracks without vocals, and the sheet music.  If your student has issues with the provided vocal materials that is ok, we will test their range when they audition.


    What to expect

    All students will be taught the same dance they will use for auditions at 3:30 in the dance studio.

    After the dance auditions students will go to a vocal audition in the green room.  Students will be called in to audition in front of the full production team  based on the time slot they were scheduled for.

    Any students being considered for a lead role will be asked to return for callbacks at 3:30pm on the 24th.  This will be a group audition with several students reading parts together.

    The final cast list will be posted on Friday the 26th at 7pm.