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Phil Williams

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    rock, contemporary, metal, jazz-fusion, blues and fingerstyle

    Skill Level

    Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced

    Minimum Age

    8 Years Old



    Having first picked up a guitar at age eight, Phil went on to study guitar and music theory at the Australian National University throughout his high school years. Phil started teaching by giving guitar lessons to his schoolmates for pocket money at the age of fifteen in his hometown of Canberra, Australia. After high school, he moved to Boston Massachusetts to major in guitar performance at Berklee College of Music.

    Phil has performed extensively in various bands primarily touring the Mid-Atlantic region with his music being recorded and published throughout the years. Teaching has always remained an important part of Phil’s musical life. Phil teaches students of all levels in guitar and electric bass.  He has formal training in classical and jazz and specializes in contemporary rock and metal styles.

    Lesson plans are customized to the individual’s interests often using musical examples and songs chosen by the student to demonstrate techniques and various aspects of music theory. Lessons will involve not only technique and music theory, but also performance, composition, and music appreciation. Phil believes that a good musician must not only have the skill, but also a love for music.