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Playwrighting Workshop – What’s Happening in the Room?

What’s Happening in the Room is a creative writing workshop for beginning Playwrights as
well as seasoned writers. The components of this workshop, conducted by Local/Regional
Playwright/Director/Actor Paul Hood, highlight the necessary elements in crafting dramatic
scenes for theatre.  This class is open to anyone in High School or older.

1. To provide an educational workshop for the community and students of Camp Hill
2. To foster-as well as become-an incubator for new dramatic works for the stage.
3. To showcase new plays in live stage-readings.

Workshop Topics

❖ How to Gather Ideas
❖ The Importance of Journaling (capturing moments of insight)
❖ Developing Multi-Dimensional Characters
❖ Developing Outlines
❖ The Importance of Research (get it right or get out)
❖ Creating Interesting Plots
❖ How to craft Interesting Dialogue
❖ What’s Behind a Monologue

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