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The CPHL Radio Network – Sherlock Holmes, A Scandal in Bohemia

The King of Bohemia asks Sherlock Holmes to retrieve an incriminating photo where he appears with his former mistress, Irene Adler. The release of the photo could irreparably ruin the King’s marriage. Holmes (disguised as a groom) spies and tracks Irene, and finds himself as the best man of the marriage between Miss Irene Adler and Mr. Godfrey Norton. The same evening, Holmes (disguised as a clergyman) feigns to be wounded in a street battle in front of Briony Lodge and succeeds to enter in Irene’s house. With the complicity of Watson and a smart stratagem of false fire alarm, he makes Irene Adler betray herself. Because of the smoke, she rushed to a secret panel which was hiding the photograph. Holmes can’t take the photo because the coachman was in the same room, so he decides to come back the next day with the King. Unfortunately, when they came back to Briony Lodge on the next morning, they learn that Irene, who understood the stratagem of Sherlock Holmes, has left the country a few hours before with her husband. However, she addressed a letter to the detective, explaining that she will use the photo only for defensive purpose.


Sherlock Holmes – A Scandal in Bohemia
Sherlock Holmes – A Scandal in Bohemia


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