Once Upon a Mattress
March 14th-18th

Practice Schedule

12/10 3-4:15 Harry, Larkin, Fred, Dauntless
12/11 3-4:30 Full Cast
12/13 3-4:15 Full Cast
12/17 3-4:15 Narrators, Jester
12/18 3-4:15 Fred, Dauntless
12/19 3-4:30 Narrators, Jester, Harry, Larkin, Dauntless, Wizard, Queen
12/20 3-4:30 Full Cast
1/2 3-4:30 Full Cast
1/3 3-4:30 Narrators, Jester, Harry, Larkin, Dauntless,
1/7 3-4:30 Full Cast


Carissa Sanden Queen
Sydney Diggs King
Charlie Caddell Dauntless
Cassidy Newell Winifred
Silas Mosher Sir Harry
Jocelyn Little Lady Larkin
Jillian Batzler Minstrel 1
Erin Mchugh Minstrel 2
Jordan Baney Minstrel 3
Elsie Spitzer Jester
Sam Wilkins Wizard
Caroline Buell Nightingale
Caroline Coniglio Lady Rowena
Diana Ryder Lady Merrill
Bridget Miller Lady Lucille
Caroline Buell Lady Helena
Isabella Colestock Emily the Kitchen Wench
Maddie Beckley Princess 12
Nathan Heidbreder Sir Studley
Nicholas Jacobs Sir Luce
Sam Haas Sir Humphrey
EvaMarie Adame Lady Sara

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