Once Upon a Mattress
March 14th-17th

All rehearsals will be held at The Pollock Center. 

Rehearsals begin at 3:30 and end by 6:00 unless otherwise noted. 


2/14. pgs. 21 – 23 Sensitivity. Carissa & Sam W. Add Jocelyn @ 3:45

2/18  3:30pm-6pm   FULL CAST   Make-up work from school closings and absences
2/19  3:30pm-6pm  FULL CAST  Run 1
2/20  3:30pm-5pm  Dance – Shy.   All Knights, Cassidy, Charlie;  Jocelyn joins in from 3:45pm to 5pm.
5:00pm-6pm  Dance – Swamps of Home. All Ladies, Cassidy, Charlie
2/21  3:30pm -6pm  FULL CAST  Run 2


2/25   3:30pm -6pm   Full Cast   Dance – Many Moons/Finale/Spanish Panic Review
2/26   3:30pm -6pm   Full Cast.  Run Act 1
2/27   3:30pm -6pm   Full Cast.  Run Act 2
2/28   3:30pm -6pm   Full Cast.  Run Act 1

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